Our software has innovation factors such as interactivity with hardware devices and language menu with up to 40 different languages, being ideal for multinational companies with employees of different languages.

Look Project [Freeware]

Make and transform diagrams into various documents such as quote, project manager, schedule, reports and more.


Look Time

Job manager for teams.
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FMEA report worksheet with automatic field settings.
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Look Personal Care [Freeware]

Do not neglect your health while using the computer. By using the computer, you can get so caught up in the things you do that you may not realize you need to take a break. While for some, taking a break comes naturally, others need a reminder.
LookPersonalCare is an application that allows you to set reminders to take breaks, drink water, prepare for events, make payments or whatever else you need to do during the day.
As standard of Lookware the software also has more than 35 languages, reports of errors, suggestion of improvements among others.